Frances Campbell©: Gitxsan Artist
Frances Campbell is a Gitxsan artist born and raised in Hazelton, in the community of Gitanmaax. She is a Gisgaast - Fireweed clan member of Wilps Gutgwinuuxs, also known as Snowy Owl. She currently resides on the traditional territory of the T’s’msyen in the community of Kitsumkalum and has been a practicing artist since 2015. 
Frances has a background in writing, illustration, graphic design and beading. She started a First Nations Fine Art Diploma at the Freda Diesing School of Northwest Coast Art in 2022, where she won a student bursary and two awards.
Her art practice is creative energy fuelled by culture, spiritual beliefs, strength, resilience and passion. She believes in life-long learning and adapting as an artist while staying true to her Gitxsan roots.
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