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*Accepting new projects for July and August (then breaking until April 2023)
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T'oyaxii' 'niin, thank you
Amma sah,
I am a Gitxsan artist, graphic designer, illustrator, and beader. I was born and raised in the Gitxsan Nation in the community of Gitanmaax as a member of the Gisgaast (fireweed) clan in the Wilp (house) of Gutgwinuuxws (snowy owl). I reside in the Tsimshian community Kitsumkalum with my husband.
My culture has always inspired me to become an artist. I spent my childhood learning beadwork and regalia making from my mother, Sheila Campbell and contemporary Gitxsan art from my father, Frank Sampson. In my youth, I was a member of the K’san Performing Arts, where I helped re-create dance regalia and learned the dances performed annually at the K’san Historical Village.
From 2002 to 2004, I worked towards a  Writing and New Media Technology diploma at the College of New Caledonia. I learned how to create vector art and master graphic design techniques.
I am primarily self-taught in First Nations formline design. I had guidance from Gitxsan artist Frank Sampson, Tsimshian artist Melodie Hoy and Nisga’a artist Sandra Wesley. It took some time to study and develop a personal style. Once I gained confidence in formline, I learned how to vectorize it. This Fall, I will start my journey to become certified in formline design through the Freda Diesing School of Northwest Coast Art.
My growth as an artist is attributed to collaborating with various people from different backgrounds. From Indigenous-led non-profit organizations to small businesses, as a graphic artist, I play a role in bringing their messages to their audiences. My most recent undertaking is the annual Talking Stick Festival. Working with a team of creatives, I designed this year’s artwork and developed all of the promotional material. I have helped small Indigenous businesses create their brands through logo development and graphic support. I am proud to have a hand in assisting fellow Indigenous creatives in realizing their dreams.
One of my favourite organizations to work with is Kitsumkalum. For over seven years, we have created a bilingual children’s book, designed many cultural colouring pages and graphics used by the Headstart program, designed language graphics used on apparel and documents to help revitalize the Sm’algyax language, and promoted social and cultural events. 
I also created a series of graphics for my Nation to support Gitxsan language revitalization. Illustrations helped bring interactive videos and images for language dictionaries to life.
My art practice is creative energy fuelled by culture, beliefs, strength, resilience, and passion. I chose my logo because the flight path of the hummingbird is the infinity pattern - symbolizing eternity, continuity, adaptability, tenacity, and endurance. It reminds me to always seek the good in life and strive to be the best version of myself. I’m always learning and adapting as an artist while staying true to being an Indigenous creative and a proud member of the Gitxsan Nation.
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